Loan Repayment Improvements in Ledn Platform

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Company Overview

Ledn is a Canadian financial platform that provides borrowing, saving, and trading services for the cryto-economy.

Project Summary

The goal of the project was to simplify Ledn's existing loan repayment process. Led by research findings, we developed a new automated repayment system and improved the experience for the user, as well as created a more efficient and scalable process for the company.

Problem Definition

Streamline the Repayment Process

The existing loan repayment method relied on keeping up with a fragmented process for users and the Ledn staff. If a user wanted to initiate this transaction, they would have to get a quote through Email and have a limited 10-minute window to accept due to Bitcoin's extreme volatility.

This process was challenging to understand and execute for users, while also creating unrealistic processes internally for the small Ledn team that was susceptible to human error.

My Role

As the sole designer for the company, I was responsible of:

  • Guiding the research to focus on priorities
  • Outlining the information architecture
  • Designing in different fidelities
  • Presenting solutions to stakeholders
  • Handing off the design for development
  • Resolving challenges during implementation
Example of the existing loan repayment experience by liquidating Bitcoin collateral. In the example above, the user missed sending the acceptance response within the given time frame.

How might we streamline the repayment process to be more approachable for both, users and staff?


Narrowing Down Our Focus

I worked alongside a UX Researcher and a Product Owner during the initial discovery state. We outlined the challenges of the current structure, conducted research to refine our focus, and gathered evidence to help us advocate for a resolution.

Our research methods included:

  • Analytics
  • User Interviews
  • Staff Interviews
  • Surveys
  • Competitive Analysis

Our goal was to narrow down our scope by understanding the challenges that users and staff were facing while trying to complete the repayment process and compare what other financial and crypto companies were doing to resolve them.

Reframing the Challenges

The Three Most Important Issues to Resolve

1. Eliminate the Email Confirmation Process

The existing repayment solution relied on users to access the platform to submit a repayment request and then confirming to a quote via email. There was little explanation of how to use all the available payment options, too, which created a frustrating experience when a user was looking for a particular form of payment.

2. Create a Better Loan Status Visibility Solution

Users struggled to understand the status of their loan, which was given to them through the Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio. For instance, when the LTV is high, it means that the loan could get liquidated unless the user deposits more collateral. The existing LTV didn't give any relevant information, which made it hard for users to make informed decisions based on the number they were looking at.

3. Make the Quote Confirmation Breakdown Easier to Understand

After users received a loan repayment quote through email, they struggled to understand the format of the payment quote. The email information had no hierarchy and most users often had to use a calculator to understand which number was doing what. The lack of order often made it harder for some users to respond and confirm repayment.

Summary of Solutions

A Glimpse of the Strategies and Resolutions to Solve the Challenges

1. No More Emails! Although Some Manual Work Is Still Required, Sometimes

User-flow of the loan repayment process isolated from the rest of the platform

We remapped the loan repayment journey from scratch. We reduced the number of unnecessary options and simplified the choices based on the loan status. We also implemented different automated repayment options, allowing users to complete some repayment processes without leaving the Ledn Platform.

Some payment methods could not be completed in the Platform due to limitations with banks, and that was okay. We were able to provide a much more guided process for the few situations where this was required.

2. Put the Loan-to-Value Indicator on the Center Stage

Loan information profile modal showing a loan with a high Loan-To-Value ratio

We made the Loan-To-Value (LVT) field part of the main loan information hierarchy, which allows users to quickly understand the health of their loan and act upon it if needed. The LVT field also uses color and caption messages to make sure the user lower their risk of getting their collateral liquidated.

3. Simple Math Goes a Long Way

Loan repayment summary and confirmation modal using simple math to break down bitcoin liquidation to pay a loan

We reduced the amount of information and organized it in an isolated modal layout, which helps to understand, in simple math, how the repayment process is getting done. This strategy demystified the complex repayment options, such as when the user decided to sell part of the collateral to pay for a loan.