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Project Overview

Workfrom is a platform that allows users to find cafes, coffee shops or co-working spaces in unfamiliar places. The curated list of available places focuses on the immediate needs to the user, such as internet connection or noise preference. Workfrom removes the extra steps and uncertainty by simplifying the process to finding the perfect place to get work done while traveling or exploring new areas. The product is perfect for people who want to explore a new neighborhood in their city or travelers trying to get work done in a new place. Workfrom gives solutions so they can focus on work rather than where to work from.

Initial Research

The initial user interviews revealed that people were attracted by the product idea, but were disappointed with the experience of its current state. In particular, users manifested discontent by the lack of intuitiveness that the product has. Common insights, such as saturated results, lack of refined suggestions, absence of personal preferences, deficient direction instructions and inconsistent UI language. Additionally, users expressed an special interest on how the product could be useful in unknown scenarios, where they don't know where is north or south, for instance, which is a feature that the product lacks.

At the end of the initial research, it was decided to concentrate in the three most notable issues for further analysis:

  1. Saturation of Search Results
  2. Lack of Relevant Information Early On, such as Wi-Fi Speeds
  3. Orientation Aid in Unknown Places

Findings and Analysis

Issue 01: Saturation of Search Results


Use the map to locate the most suitable working space based on current location and personal preferences

Current Difficulty

Lack of hierarchy and saturated results make it hard to choose an optimal place for the user


Reduce the amount of options by filtering results that do not fulfill users expectations

Issue 02: Lack of Relevant Information Early On, such as Wi-Fi Speeds


Display if working spaces have good Wi-Fi connection or not

Current Difficulty

The Wi-Fi speed is hard to find and does not make part of the discovery experience


Bring Wi-Fi speed as a critical aspect early in the discovery experience

Issue 03: Orientation Aid in Unknown Places


Give clear directions to the user in a unknown area

Current Difficulty

The product does not offer any alternative other than sending the user to an external map app


Integrate directions and orientation strategies within the product


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David is a 32-year-old freelance writer and editor, who works remotely for clients in the US, Canada and Australia. Although living abroad is exactly what he needed in terms of his personal interests, he has been struggling finding good places where to get his work done, especially when he arrives to a new city. He relies on good internet speeds for meetings and to do his work, and he often describes himself as a coffee snob, so good coffee is also important.

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